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A DVD Box Set of the international hit TV series

Cooking With Kurma - More Great Vegetarian Dishes of the World is the successful television series produced by Forté Communications in Australia that aired locally on SBS and Foxtel and internationally in many countries across the world.

The series consists of 26 half-hour episodes created in Kurma's kitchen, and features 104 new vegetarian dishes culled from vegetarian guru Kurma das' vast repertoire of delicious recipes.

Currently Forté Communications is preparing to produce a DVD box-set of the entire series.

This web site has been created to allow you to make contact with us if you would like to register your interest in getting the DVDs when they become available.

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About Kurma

Kurma, internationally acclaimed chef and best-selling author of the highly successful book Great Vegetarian Dishes,  (more than 150,000 copies sold worldwide to date) hosts this new half-hour cooking program based on his unique recipes derived from years of research, travel, experimentation, teaching and catering for very large groups.  

Each program demonstrates Kurma's appealing, simple methods of preparing dishes from a wide range of traditional vegetarian ingredients from around the world. Viewers will appreciate Kurma's clear step-by-step instructive style and natural enthusiasm for his cuisine, which draws ingredients and techniques from central America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America, Australia and India.

Based on the internationally successful first series, Great Vegetarian  Dishes of the World, which has already been seen on leading broadcasters in most countries of the world including the PBS network in the USA and BBC in Britain, this new series further refines the unique and appealing television technique that Kurma has developed.

The inspiration for Kurma's superbly conceived recipes comes from the timeless spiritual philosophy of India, especially as it is represented in the enduring books of Verdic knowledge such as the Bhagavad-gita. Kurma, as well as being an expert vegetarian cook, has long practised the yoga most highly recommended in the Gita - the yoga of devotion. Kurma knows well that in order to experience the optimum spiritual rewards of yoga - or even to stay fit and healthy - one should eat properly. And with humour, patience and enthusiasm he has successfully communicated that essential bit of knowledge to a growing and appreciative world-wide audience.

The 26 Episodes of the Series

Each episode is themed to provide a delightful, balanced meal for between 4 and 8 guests. Most episodes feature four dishes prepared in Kurma's studio kitchen.

Episode 1 - International Dinner Party 1
Kurma prepares Pilaf with Currants and Pine Nuts, Spicy Bengali Potatoes, Spinach and Curd Cheese Patties (Kofta) and a fresh Corriander and Macadamia Pistou.

Episode 2 - International Dinner Party 2
Kurma prepares Pasta Ears with fresh Rocket leaves (Orecciette con arrugule), Couscous Salad, Vegetable Crudites with a quick and easy Cashew Chutney and for dessert, Apricot and Walnut pastries (Ruggelach).

Episode 3 - International Dinner Party 3
Kurma prepares a delicious Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry, a refreshing Kumara salad and sweet Cheese-filled Pancakes (Blintzes).

Episode 4 - North Indian Brunch
Kurma presents a selection of his favourite Indian dishes - Green Papaya and Potato Tarkari, a highly refreshing chilled Mango Nectar, spicy Guava Jam and super-flaky wholemeal Griddle-fried Breads (Parathas).

Episode 5 - North Indian Lunch
Kurma presents hearty Dal with vegetables (Dalma), Trinidad-style Flatbread (Roti ), creamy Banana and Yoghurt Salad (Kela Raita) and tender Eggplant Pickles.

Episode 6 - Greek Dinner Party
Kurma draws on traditional Greek cuisine for inspiration - his version of white bean and vegetable Soup (Fasoulada), Eggplant casserole (Moussaka) and Nut-filled Pastries with fragrant syrup (Kataifi ) for dessert.

Episode 7 - South Indian Buffet
Kurma prepares a hot and spicy South Indian Tomato Rice, a cooling buttermilk Sambar and savoury, crunchy Lentil Doughnuts (Vadai).

Episode 8 - Italian Summer Lunch
Kurma demonstrates the techniques for preparing his special version of chilled Avacado and Peppercorn Soup, his stuffed baked Eggplants (Melanzane Ripieni al Forno) and his unique stuffed Italian Foccaccia.

Episode 9 - Italian Dinner Party
Kurma prepares a light and tasty Italian Tomato Soup (Zuppa di Pomodoro), Italian Rice with Peas (Risi e Bisi), tender pan-fried Asparagus and braised Fennel. Brava !

Episode 10 - Central American Buffet 1
Kurma heads south of the border with Mexican spicy Bean and Cheese stuffed Flatbreads (Burras), a hot and spicy Tomato Sauce, Roasted Capsicum and Peanut Soup and a chilled Papaya Refresher.

Episode 11 - Central American Buffet 2
Kurma prepares more great Mexican fare, with Green Chilli Rice (Arroz Verde), Sweet Potato Soup with Corn and Chillies, Mexican Broad Bean Salad (Ensalada de Habas) and his hilarious version of a Spanish Curly Endive Salad (Xato).

Episode 12 - International Finger Food Buffet
Kurma presents a sumptuous spread of Central American, Asian and Middle Eastern dishes:- pan-warmed Wheat Turnovers stuffed with Goat's Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatoes (Quesadillas), succulent Satay Sticks with spicy Peanut Sauce and Egyptian Broad Bean Croquettes with Tahini Sauce(Ta'ameya).

Episode 13 - Gujarati Luncheon
Kurma's luncheon menu is drawn from classical dishes from the northern Indian provence of Gujarati:- fragrant Basmati Rice, sautéed sprouted Mung Beans (Vadu), simple Gujarati pumpkin and steamed Semolina Bread (Dhokla).

Episode 14 - Indonesian Buffet
Kurma presents Indonesian crispy Corn Fritters (Perkedel Jagung), a hot Chilli Relish (Sambal Bajek), an Indonesian Fruit platter with a hot and sweet dipping Sauce (Rujak Manis), an Avacado Smoothie and a cooling Cucumber Pickle.

Episode 15 - Indian Banquet 1
Kurma prepares saffron flavoured Sweet Fruit and Nut Rice (Keshari Bhat), savory Fresh Cheese Balls in creamy Tomato Sauce (Malai Kofta), sautéed Potatoes with Cashews and a Lemon Yoghurt Shake (Nimbu Lassi).

Episode 16 - Indian Banquet 2
Kurma demonstrates the making of a traditional Indian delicacy - Nine Jewels Rice (Navaratnam Pulau), as well as hearty savoury Chickpeas in Tomato glaze, and puffed fried Sesame Breads (Til Poori).

Episode 17 - Alfresco Lunch
Kurma prepares delicate Stuffed Baby Pumkins, spicy Cajun Cornbread and a fresh, tangy Peach Chutney.

Episode 18 - Asian Banquet 1
Kurma presents a sumptuous spread of Thai-style fragrant Rice Balls, stir-fried Asian vegetables, warm Potato Salad with Vietnamese greens and fried Beancurd (Tofu) with a Sesame Sauce.
 Episode 19 - Asian Banquet 2
Kurma's banquet menu is drawn from the best of Asia, including crispy fried Gluten with Sweet and Sour sauce, curried Malay noodles (Laksa) and a Japanese-inspired Daikon Radish Salad.

Episode 20 - International Luncheon
Kurma demonstrates the techniques for preparing juicy Curd Steaks, quick and tasty Stir-fried Lettuce, crunchy Potato Nuggets, Korean Sesame Sauce and as a surprise, Coconut Chutney.

Episode 21 -Mediterranean Dinner Party 1
Kurma prepares a light and tasty Italian Asparagus Risotto, sweet-and-savoury Spinach with Pine Nuts and Raisins and melt-in-the-mouth rose-scented Marzipan Half-Moon Pastries.

Episode 22 - Mediterranean Dinner Party 2
Kurma continues his presentation of great mediterranian dishes with Gnocchi du Zucca (pumpkin dumplings with sage-scented butter and parmesan cheese), Insalata Caprese (tomato, basil and mozarella salad), Insalata di Peperoni Arrostiti (Sicilian-style roasted sweet peppers in olive oil) and a delectable Italian-style Rice Pudding. 

Episode 23 - North Indian Gourmet Dinner
Kurma prepares more great Indian food in this episode - a mixed vegetable Curry with Coconut milk, Punjabi baked Flatbread (Naan) and mouth-watering flaked almond and saffron semolina Halava.

Episode 24 -North Indian Gourmet Dinner 2
Kurma presents a sumptuous spread consisting of Punjabi Red Bean Curry (Rajma), wholesome buckwheat Chapatis and a personal favourite, Malini's Tomato Pickle.

Episode 25 - East-West Luncheon
Kurma's luncheon menu is drawn from around the globe - Pecan and Orange Wild Rice Pilaf, quick and simple Snake Beans and Mauritian style Dal rissoles (Gateaux-Piments) with home style Tomato Chutney.

Episode 26 - East-West Picnic
Kurma's adventurous picnic menu is drawn from a quirky selection - Cheesy Vegetable Tart, Mayapur-style stuffed vegetable pastries (Samosas), Australian Bush Tomato Chutney and good old fashioned Homemade Lemonade.